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Part of the process of researching Canadian Pottery is to find gems and nuggets of info in varied formats. In many ways it is easier to conduct research because of the World Wide Web and in many other ways it is so much harder than in the paper format days. When I come across a website of interest, I must jot it down somewhere or it disappears into the ether known as the web. This has become the place for fleeting web stuff (paper is hard copy, and endures as long as you can live with the piles of it). I’d like to draw your attention to a website on Studio Ceramics in Canada – it will provide useful and enlightening information for me and I hope for you as well.

Barry Morrison is an art historian, a writer and a website creator. His site focuses on Canadian studio ceramics – ‘The artists, The Styles, The Techniques, The Art”.

Check it out at Studio Ceramics Canada.


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  1. Maria, many thanks for the mention of and reference to my site. It’s good to see others enjoying and writing about this much needed subject. I’ll put a link to you site in mine. Take care.

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