Potteries of British Columbia

British Columbia pottery of the mid-late 20th century displays distinct themes of the West Coast natural world, of West Coast Native spiritual and cultural designs, of the great Pacific Ocean. It is glorious in colour, organic in shapes, and grounded in land and sea. The following potteries are a few of B.C.s better-known pottery manufacturers, with a studio pottery or two thrown in. These pages are by no means complete, but I have tried to pull together here what is known about BC pottery and the research resources where more in-depth info can be found:

BC Ceramics

BC Ceramics: Herta

Cranberry Pottery

Lambert Potteries Ltd.

Royal Ariston (Importex Company & BC Ceramics)

Íneke (Studio)

2a: West Coast Indian Design "Eagle" dish, mould 7134

BC Ceramics: Herta – West Coast Indian Design “Eagle”

1c. Lambert Potteries #21 Killer Whale (Killerwhale) plate

Lambert Potteries #21 Killer Whale (Killerwhale) plate

1a. Ineke trinket or mint dish, applied Dogwood flower

Ineke – applied Dogwood

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