• Grey Mountain Pottery Yukon Agateware Goblet
  • Grey Mountain Pottery Yukon Agateware Goblet-mark
  • Grey Mountain Pottery Yukon Agateware Flute
  • Grey Mountain Pottery Yukon Agateware Flute - cabin image
  • Grey Mountain Pottery Yukon Agateware Trinket bowl with cabin image
  • Grey Mountain Pottery Yukon Agateware Trinket bowl with cabin image - mark


Dates: 1960s (?) – early 1980s

Artist(s) / Owner(s): Kate and Phillip Budd

Location:    Whitehorse, Yukon. The first location of Grey Mountain Pottery was in a neighbourhood called Riverdale in the same ‘mall’ as the Mad Trapper Bowling Alley. The pottery moved to a location beside the TD bank on Main Street in the early 1980’s. It closed soon after moving to this second location.

Grey Mountain Pottery was run by Kate and Phillip Budd. Here they created ceramic mold slipware, and people attended workshops to sand down mold seams and paint the molds with low fire glazes. The studio also had a few pottery wheels and artists could rent studio time.

  • Agateware – peach and cream swirl design, with or without painted landscape of nature images
  • Souvenir pots – glazed ceramic pottery with nature images hand-painted on solid background

Grey Mountain Pottery – Yukon Agateware Goblet

Grey Mountain Pottery – Yukon Agateware Trinket Bowl









  • Grey Mountain Pottery  Yukon  Agateware
  • ‘Fireweed’ Yukon

I would like to thank the following people for the information provided:

Local Yukon ceramicist, Patrick Royle

15-305 Main St. Whitehorse, YT


Grey Mountain Pottery (Yukon) — 10 Comments

  1. Hi – I have had a chess set made by Grey Mt Pottery since the early-1980s, originally purchased from the Yukon Gallery while I worked in Whitehorse (I did the startup for the fish hatchery at Whitehorse Rapids). I’d been meaning to photograph it for ages and now with a home-bound Covid day in Nov 2020, I finally did. Someone immediately asked about the origin of the set, so I did some digging and found the info you had posted. Thought you might be interested in seeing another work by these potters. The image I attached is from the series I shot – it is high-res and can be printed large. The link to the Fine Art America gallery where it is available is: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-murray-rudd?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=891499&page=1

    • This is very interesting, Murray. It is so unlike the pieces of Grey Mountain Pottery seen so far. Thank you for sharing your links with us. The chess pieces are photographed in monochrome – does this mean there is no colour glaze on them?

  2. Margaret, if you scroll down below the boxes on the ‘Contact us’ page, you will see a link for ‘Comments’ and then ‘Load More’ to see all 10 comments. I’ll have to see about making that more prominent.
    As for the picture sizes, I create gallery pages for the larger image viewing, but not until I have more than a couple images to display. With your pics, there may just be enough images to create a gallery page. The viewer can then see more details.
    As for pricing and values, it pretty much depends on how much you want to get for them. I would look online for prices for Grey Mountain Pottery pieces and estimate a value from there.
    Someone looking on my site may be interested in purchasing them and would get in touch with you directly.

    • Thanks Maria

      I finally found the comments button you mentioned to read more but when I do click on it it only shows 2 when it indicates there are 11.

      If anyone can supply me with any links to Grey Mountain Pottery I would appreciate them.
      All I could find with a Google search was this /canadapottery.ca site and an Etsy ad for two Fireweed pots for sale.

      I would love to hear from the artists who originally owned Grey Mountain Pottery or someone who can direct me to more information on my pieces.

      I have had my pieces for many years and am curious to current value, if any. My collection includes a large square plate with side handles; a round dinner plate size piece and a beautiful casserole with handles and a lid. All are done in a caramel (or possibly peach) swirl with handpainted rustic cabins and scenery. The bottoms indicate “handpainted” as well as Grey Mountain Pottery.

      I understand Maria will be posting them to view and enjoy on this site.

      • Hi again, Margaret. If you scroll below the first few comments, there is a ‘Load More’ link for the next few and so on. It’s really the only way to keep the comments manageable. You may find you get more exposure for your comments if you post them from the Grey Mountain Pottery page directly rather than from the ‘Contact Us’ page. I will see if I can get these comments moved to that page as well.
        As with you, I have found very little information on this pottery. My site, I hope, will bring awareness of this pottery, and others like it, to the general public.

  3. Is anyone on this site acknowledging emails sent?
    Interested in some history on Grey Mountain Pottery or contact with original owners regarding some pieces I have.
    Thank you for any help.

  4. I would be interested to hear from anyone that can share some information on the submitted photos.
    History, artist, value, if other identical pieces were potted, etc.
    Thank you for any assistance.

    • I have other pieces to this set but am only able to upload one photo. Along with this lidded dish I have a large square plate with handles and a round plate; all with the caramel swirl pattern and hand painted rustic cabins and scenery.

      • Margaret, this is a lovely piece of Yukon Agateware. I do hope someone will be in touch with you regarding info on this pottery. The information I’ve supplied on the Grey Mountain Pottery page was provided by Courtney Holmes, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR / CURATOR, YUKON ART SOCIETY | ARTS UNDERGROUND.
        I would like to add your pics to the gallery, if that is acceptable to you. Email me directly with the photos if you cannot get the other pics to load. Maria

        • I would be happy to share them with you for posting Maria.
          If you supply me with an email and the size it accepts I would be happy to share these beautiful pieces.
          Can you share a link to access these comments as the only way I could access them is to send another comment as “new”.
          Please send me a note directly to my email.