Art Banner by Erika Schulz

I was participating in a writing workshop this last week and, as conversations typically go with other participants, I mentioned I was working on a website for Canadian pottery research. Ruth was interested in seeing it, so I pulled it up on my laptop. The first comment she made was “Wow! I love the artwork. Who is the artist?” And here we are…

The banner, titled The Collector, is a work of art inspired by the ceramics of the west coast. In so many ways it fits – I was born in BC and lived there until I was 12 yrs old. I still consider myself a BC girl, even though I will never go back there to live. I’m a diverse collector, with a main focus on Canadian pottery. I love finding pieces I’ve never seen before and digging into the research aspect of collecting – thus, The Collector.

Erika Schulz is a central Alberta artist living and working in Red Deer. She creates and develops her art at Tempest Studios. I have long admired her – in addition to being an admirer of her fabulous artistic talent, she is also a personal friend. And  what do friends do? They create unique pieces of art for them, such as the banner you see above.

To find out more about Erika, visit Tempest Studios BlogShopDeviant Art GalleryFacebook Fan Page. Follow her. You will not be disappointed.

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