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3 years ago

Hi Maria, I just thought I would follow up a little more on the prior post re. the chess set. The white figures had a light brown wash look – photo attached.

Over at Fine Art America, I administer one of the mutual promotion groups – I had someone submit an image with 2 dark knights in it that were dead ringers for mine. I got hold of the guy (from Kentucky) and he said he had picked them up on Etsy, specifically so he could photograph them. They were the only pieces from the set available. His had hand-cut felt bottoms, mine have cork bottoms – seemed to be the only difference. So either someone did a direct knock-off of the set (may explain why this so much different than the other work) or there was at least one other set from Grey Mt out in circulation at some time.

3 years ago

Have six new goblets with hand painted cabin scenes and Grey Mountain Pottery name. Came from Whitehorse. Looking to find a value.

3 years ago
Reply to  Maria Haubrich

Hi again Maria,

I have one more bit of info on the Grey Mt. chess series that I have from the early-80s.

It turns out that the design is the ‘1970’s Duncan Suttles Styled Mid-Evil Chess Set.’ It looks like it is still possible to pick up the mold on E-Bay, as well as pieces and the whole set in different finishes.

As much as I like my set, I must say that if it was not presented as an original work at the Yukon Gallery (which was in the Klondike Inn at that time), I would definitely not have bought it. This certainly explains why the chess set looks so different from the other Grey Mountain work!