Barry Morrison of Studio Ceramics Canada introduces a fascinating website, artshuttle, with a section dedicated to modern Canadian studio ceramics. In Barry’s blog post, A New Collector’s Website Now Online, he states, “Artshuttle’s content is wide but there are two sections that … Continue reading

Lambert Potteries Ltd. – Revisited

Barry Morrison, has expanded on my research page for Lambert Potteries Ltd. with a much more detailed blog entry on David Lambert and his British Columbia pottery. He has “added a page on David Lambert, potter and animateur, to the website. Often referred … Continue reading

Crown Ceramics, a little-known company

Crown Ceramics, a little-known Vancouver company from the 1950s Finding information on some Canadian pottery manufacturers can be intriguing and frustrating. Snippets of information here and there will sometimes be all that can be found for details. Such is the … Continue reading

Re-Posted ‘From Times Past’

Re-Posted article by Johanne Yakula of ‘From Times Past’ – DISCOVERED A “NEW” POTTERY COMPANY When conducting research on a topic, one does not always need to ‘re-invent the wheel’ as it were. One of my favourite bloggers, Johanne Yakula … Continue reading

Follow Lambert Potteries on Pinterest

Follow this Lambert Potteries Pinterest Board Lambert Potteries pieces inspire owners and enthusiasts to find out as much as they can about this vintage Canadian pottery. An excellent example of this enthusiasm is the Pinterest Board created by Bee Hansen to … Continue reading

Crystalline ceramic artists ROD & DENYSE SIMAIR

Internationally acclaimed crystalline ceramic artists, ROD & DENYSE SIMAIR One does not have to go far to find exquisite Canadian pottery. A friend brought these pottery artists to my attention. ROD & DENYSE SIMAIR live and work in Prince Albert, … Continue reading

Art Banner by Erika Schulz

I was participating in a writing workshop this last week and, as conversations typically go with other participants, I mentioned I was working on a website for Canadian pottery research. Ruth was interested in seeing it, so I pulled it … Continue reading

Barry Morrison’s blog, Studio Ceramics Canada

Part of the process of researching Canadian Pottery is to find gems and nuggets of info in varied formats. In many ways it is easier to conduct research because of the World Wide Web and in many other ways it … Continue reading

Potteries of British Columbia

British Columbia pottery of the mid-late 20th century displays distinct themes of the West Coast natural world, of West Coast Native spiritual and cultural designs, of the great Pacific Ocean. It is glorious in colour, organic in shapes, and grounded … Continue reading

Under Construction

I’m having the time of my life! Researching Canadian pottery has been a hobby of mine for many years. I’m a collector and researcher and I’ve amassed an extensive diverse collection of Canadian manufactured pottery. I especially enjoy doing research … Continue reading