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Part of the process of researching Canadian Pottery is to find gems and nuggets of info in varied formats. In many ways it is easier to conduct research because of the World Wide Web and in many other ways it is so much harder than in the paper format days. When I come across a website of interest, I must jot it down somewhere or it disappears into the ether known as the web. This has become the place for fleeting web stuff (paper is hard copy, and endures as long as you can live with the piles of it). I’d like to draw your attention to a website on Studio Ceramics in Canada – it will provide useful and enlightening information for me and I hope for you as well.

Barry Morrison is an art historian, a writer and a website creator. His site focuses on Canadian studio ceramics – ‘The artists, The Styles, The Techniques, The Art”.

Check it out at Studio Ceramics Canada.

Potteries of British Columbia

British Columbia pottery of the mid-late 20th century displays distinct themes of the West Coast natural world, of West Coast Native spiritual and cultural designs, of the great Pacific Ocean. It is glorious in colour, organic in shapes, and grounded in land and sea. The following potteries are a few of B.C.s better-known pottery manufacturers, with a studio pottery or two thrown in. These pages are by no means complete, but I have tried to pull together here what is known about BC pottery and the research resources where more in-depth info can be found:

BC Ceramics

BC Ceramics: Herta

Cranberry Pottery

Lambert Potteries Ltd.

Royal Ariston (Importex Company & BC Ceramics)

Íneke (Studio)

2a: West Coast Indian Design "Eagle" dish, mould 7134

BC Ceramics: Herta – West Coast Indian Design “Eagle”

1c. Lambert Potteries #21 Killer Whale (Killerwhale) plate

Lambert Potteries #21 Killer Whale (Killerwhale) plate

1a. Ineke trinket or mint dish, applied Dogwood flower

Ineke – applied Dogwood

Under Construction

I’m having the time of my life! Researching Canadian pottery has been a hobby of mine for many years. I’m a collector and researcher and I’ve amassed an extensive diverse collection of Canadian manufactured pottery. I especially enjoy doing research on the history of the potteries – the people, the places, the pieces – and how all parts fit together to provide a picture of the material culture history of Canada. As a beginner collector of Canadian pottery, I found that there was no consistent information available to help identify what I held in my hand. The larger, better known potteries, like Blue Mountain Pottery and Medalta pottery have excellent collector’s clubs and websites that provide information about that pottery. It was the smaller, less known, potteries where I was often stumped for information. This led to the creation of spreadsheets and files, and finally to the idea of creating a website where the information can be shared with others – from the beginner collector, to the researcher, to the artist. I will be sharing information gathered from many places – snippets of info here and bits of info there. Check out the ‘Additional Resources’ page, when ready, for research sources.

5a: Herta “Dogwood” large vase or planter, mould 7109

5a: Herta “Dogwood” large vase or planter, mould 7109

Where possible on this website, I will link information to its original source. Where it is not, I will give credit to the source. The photos are my own and are certainly not professional quality. However, I hope they provide details on materials, like clay types, glazes, and identifying marks.

So, this website is certainly under construction now, and will most likely be ‘Under Construction’ for many years to come as information and research sheds new light on Canadian pottery.

Please feel free to contact me if you have anything you’d like to add to this ‘research’ process. If you wish to reuse the information on these pages, feel free to do so, but credit the ‘original’ source.

3 & 4: Showing 2 different decor versions for the same pattern name, "Mountain Leaves"

NOTE: I do not provide appraisals or evaluations through this website, nor do I sell pottery here. When pottery pieces are for sale, a link will be provided to the store. All content is for information purposes only.