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    • Ang, your Crown Ceramics 1927 lady head vase, most likely from the 1950s, is NOT by the Canadian Crown Ceramics company of Vancouver, BC. This is a case where company names are very similar, but the mark tells the real story. Maria

    • There is very little information on this pottery. I’m looking for more info all of the time. At the moment, all the info I have on Crown Ceramics is up on this site now. You have a lovely vase. It appears as if Crown Ceramics liked rectangular shapes, as well as other interesting shapes. A photo of this vase, in green, is listed on the Open MOV, dated 1955-67. Check this out: MOV Crown Ceramics Leaf Vase / Planter #401 Maria.

  1. Just found this piece. I live near Canadian border and this piece is so lovely and really I think in mint condition. What can you tell me plz?

    • Marilyn, this is a really interesting piece. I believe it is a console bowl with candlestick holders. Taper candles fit nicely on each end of the bowl. Produced from 1945-67, this console bowl was used as a centerpiece – it held an arrangement of flowers or fruits on a table or on a side table. A round flower frog, glass or ceramic, can be placed in the center to hold water and flowers (cut stems very short). These console bowls were no longer fashionable after the late 1950s, but collectors of vintage and Mid-Century Modern designs would be interested in this piece.
      Thank you for getting in touch – I would love to add your photo to our photo gallery for Crown Ceramics. Maria.

      • yes please do use pic. i do love this but i dont have a grand house with big spaces so it sits on a shelf in my basement ) :

  2. Hi,

    I am not sure if this is the Crown Ceramics you are describing in your post.

    Are you able to confirm?

    Regards, Ellenor.

    • Hi Ellenor. I’m sorry but I cannot tell from the pic if this piece is a Crown Ceramics piece. It is not a pattern I’m familiar with. Thank you for your interest, Maria

      • Ellenor provided a photo of the mark for the above piece. Now that I see the mark, I’m pretty sure it is not Canadian, but more likely British. More research will need to be done to identify this piece from the mark.

    • Dawn, it would be great if you could post a few pics of your leaf dish for information purposes, if you don’t mind uploading it. I can’t really say much until I see the dish, so a front shot and a shot of the mark or label would help. In this way, other viewers can leave feedback as well. Maria.

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