Re-Posted ‘From Times Past’

Re-Posted article by Johanne Yakula of ‘From Times Past’ – DISCOVERED A “NEW” POTTERY COMPANY

When conducting research on a topic, one does not always need to ‘re-invent the wheel’ as it were. One of my favourite bloggers, Johanne Yakula of the Edmonton-based Heritage Home Consulting company posted on a ‘New’ Canadian Pottery coming out of Nova Scotia. This is particularly relevant, as I just returned from a fantastic holiday in Nova Scotia. I remembered reading Johanne’s post from 2014, and thought I’d re-post it.  The blog is about a woman potter from Nova Scotia who started her business in the 1930’s. Her name was Alice Mary Egan (1872-1972).  Read the complete blog post here.

While in Nova Scotia, I met a few very talented studio potters. Although my research here focuses mainly on commercial pottery, studio pottery should never be discounted; the rich traditions of Nova Scotia studio potters live on today.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia: “On the Table”

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