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  1. I picked up a lamp from a free pile at a garage sale on Mayne Island yesterday and knew from the lamp hardware that it was an older piece–and then i found the b.c. ceramics label—which led me me to your website.Though might be as interested as i was.

    • Velda, I certainly am interested. If you’d like to send me a photo of the lamp, I can add it to my BC Ceramics page gallery. Maria.

    • I’m afraid I do not have any pieces of Deichmann pottery at this time. They are not easy to find.

  2. Yes i have come across a couple pieces and was wondering if they are of importance or somthing about them….hand-decor”dogwood” by Herta and possible value

    • Bryan, your piece is a lovely example of the the mid-century BC Ceramics designer, Herta Gerz. You can find more info on the BC Ceramics: Herta page. As for value, her work is collectible. Current value is best determined by conducting online marketplace searches. I, personally, do not offer online evaluation services. Thank you for sharing your Herta vase. Maria.

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